The ego is the means we need to build a brilliant and productive life. A workout of the mind and body to discover your limits and try to overcome them, to achieve the results we hope and attract positivity.

The ego is often considered as something negative. In fact, the ego is synonymous with knowledge, understood as the awareness of its limits and its strength, a precious ally that leads us to our true nature. It represents our individuality and potential, inherent in each of us, that allow us to reach the maximum point of balance between physical and psychic well-being.

The body is a machine that tends to perfection, its preparation a rite. Taking care of oneself is an attitude, a philosophy to be put into practice day by day. The ego is nothing other than the idea that everyone has of himself, through the awareness of their abilities and the desire to perfect them. Mind and body become a single fulcrum, protagonist of a series of gestures and moments distinct among them: habit becomes so lifestyle.

2Yield conceives the ego as the way to a happy, healthy life and in harmony with people and the environment around us. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, but a choice that each of us can accomplish each day to achieve the perfect balance between mind and body. It is a continuous work on oneself, to achieve full realization

Today, body care passes through sports practices, relaxation techniques, and maintaining a lifestyle that allows you to move away from stress, achieving maximum physical and mental health results.

In fact, the importance of ego and personal care was brought to light long ago; Already the ancient Greeks had understood the importance of taking care of my ego, starting with the “know yourself” written on the temple of the oracle of Delphi and then becoming a principle of Socrates: every action of man must be all ‘Teaches love for oneself, to know their abilities and to improve the relationship between physical and mental well-being. The Greeks exploited the potential of thermal springs to regenerate the body and mind; Sulfur waters had the ability to mitigate muscular and joint pains and cure skin diseases, so the bath with thermal waters became a real therapeutic practice to recover energy and health.

2Yield products meet the needs of those who want to improve their physical condition and, consequently, their state of well-being, exploiting the nutritional principles of thermal water, while taking care of themselves first.

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