Prepare better before workout

During workout the moment of maximum effort is not the most important part.

It’s important to understand that warm-up exercises and stretching are fundamental during athletic routine.

How much important is stretching?

One of the most important thing about workout and warm-up exercises is stretching.

It plays a different role according to the moment in which it is done, for example before an exercise it contributes to warm up muscle before starting the real effort that will put the body under stress.

After physical effort it will help the muscles recovery from fatigue, improving the oxygenation of tissues and the elasticity of muscles.

Stretching consists of extension of muscles responsible for the exercise, even if it is better to do a complete stretching regardless of  the type of exercise, to not encounter unpleasant pain during workout or athletic effort.

Stretching before or after workout is useful to create an healthy workout routine as well as an ally for our performances, in fact after the exercises stretching it’s highly recommended in order to achieve speed and power increments of the muscle.

But be careful doing excessive stretching before warm-up exercises, because it can affect the performance of the muscle.

How much important are warm-up excercises?

After a light stretching it’s good to continue with warm-up exercises that prepare the muscle to the effort.

We can’t express our maximum potential  if the muscle doesn’t reach the exercise temperature.

A muscle not properly warm (or worse, a cold muscle) will have lower athletic performance and longer time of performance.

The allies for optimal warm-up exercises before the performance

Over time the athlete’s preparation for agonistic efforts has achieved a lot of improvements thanks to new sport technologies and integrators that can improve substantially performances and athletic training if well integrated in the training program.

2Yield sport massage products thanks to their natural formulation based on hyperthermal spring waters are the right support during both the warm-up phase, for a very high level of performance during exercises, and after the performances, reducing muscular strain and alleviating symptoms of fatigue.

2Yield Warm-Up Oil improves microcirculation, warming muscle and increasing oxygenation of the muscle fibers, to reduce symptoms of lactic acid and optimize disposal mechanisms.

2Yield Cooling Spring Water Gel is useful during post-workout massage to decrease muscular strain and alleviate symptoms of fatigue.

With an high content of hyperthermal spring water, full of mineral elements, such as magnesium.

2Yield Rehab Cream with hyperthermal spring water, alleviates symptoms of muscle fatigue, strengthens muscles and joints.

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